In the Shadows of Mischief

James Bond and the Cheshire Cat
sat in the shade of a tall oak tree
discussing the art of trickery
and the cunning ways they both use it.

Bond with his gadgets and suave demeanor
the Cat with his sly grin and disappearing act
both masters of deception
they shared stories of their cunning feats.

The Cat spoke of Alice
how he led her astray
with his mischievous grin and riddles to play
Bond listened intently, intrigued by the tale
and shared his own stories of seduction and betrayal.

They laughed and reminisced
about their clever schemes
and the thrill of outwitting their enemies

They sat and plotted
and schemed and dreamed
of the next clever trick
to leave their foes screaming.

In the shadows of mischief,
James Bond and the Cheshire Cat
delighted in the art of trickery
and the joys of outsmarting you and me.

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